Physical education (P.E) is an inclusive part of the curriculum and the Springdales Senior Secondary School trains its students in all spheres such as drills, march past, various fitness exercises and encourage them to take part in yoga, PT and meditation.

In our school curriculum, we train  the students in yoga and meditation, which lead them to a better lifestyle as they grow up. But we try to reduce stress and anxiety ,improve memory and attention span of children through the practice of yoga and meditation. We acquaint the students with various yoga exercises and meditation. They learn breathing techniques  of yoga including different asanas in a very young age.

Springdales have always given importance to holistic development of the students. Therefore P.T. period has been made compulsory in a school for all the classes. A regular physical activity help the students to maintain fitness and develop muscular strength.Our instructors make the students aware with the significant of physical exercise in daily life. We inculcate the significant of physical exercise in our students. Health is priority to us.