School Policies:-

Rules and regulations-All the members of Springdalesfamily are expected to read the school rules and adhere to them strictly .

For students

General  conduct-

  1. Attend the school  regularly.
  2.  To respect the property and equipment of school.
  3. Keep the school environment free from litter.
  4. To read all school notices and bring them to their parents/ guardians attention.
  5. Proper uniform prescribed  to be worn.Must carry Id cards on daily basis without fail.
  6. Maintain the discipline medium; and school and class decorum.

Punctuality, Absence

  1. Students should reach school at least5 min prior the school assembly
  2. Compulsory attendance for all (at least 75%) to be enable to appear for examinations.
  3. In case of absence due to ailment exceeding 2 days proper medical certificate and fit to join certificate to be accompanied while rejoining.
  4. Absenteeism due to joining of functions or going out of town needs prior approval of respective in charge duly signed by parents.

For Teachers

  1. Reach school on time sign in to biometrics and daily register.
  2. Proper  submission of diary, registers and formats within the given time.
  3. Properly follow the dress code.
  4. Pre-approval of leaves; in case of emergency proper intimation to be done.
  5. Complete all the tasks and  cores given well within in time and in prescribed proper format.

Guidelines for parents

  1. Parents are requested to go through their wards school diary regularly.
  2. PT meetings should be regularly attended to discuss the progress and performance of the child
  3. Parents are not permitted to meet the teachers during the school hours .In special cases, parents may be allowed with prior permission from principal or academic in charge.
  4. Parents  are requested to inform the school about any change in address and contact numbers.

School timings

 Summers:- 07:30a.m. -01:30p.m.

 Winters :- 08:30a.m. – 2:30 p.m. *

( *or as per the orders)



Administration: - The goal of the educational administration is to keep the schools’ overall process flowing smoothly , making decisions that facilitate successful student learning. The administration at Springdales identifies and articulates the school ‘s goal and makes them happen by implementing programs, delegating tasks and allocating resources. ALL effective measures are taken and provided by the administration to make the functioning and  growth of the school to reach the skies. Springdales ‘ administration makes all possible efforts to provide the best to the students , faculty  and parents for a whole round development of the school as well as individual.