Our school band is the best school band in Hoshangabad. A selected group of children constitutes our school band. They have been well trained for "In Threes Marching", a quick drill march, besides being trained in "Circle Marching", "Bugler & Drummer Group Marching", "Group Cover Marching", "Figure Eight Marching", "Square Marching", etc.


The School Band gives display of its prowess on important occasions like the Independence Day, Republic Day, Springdales Day, Inter-school, District, Division, State as well as National level band competitions at Delhi.


The marching contingent has won many laurels on such occasions. Our band shows the team spirit and discipline among the students. Band reinforces the skills of cooperation which are highly valued in the school. Our school encourages interested students in band by using trumpets, drums, flutes, clarinets, sexophones, base drums etc  to the latest tunes.

Our school band performs a vital role in developing the students to learn teamwork and time management. Our school band portrays perfection in their formation, music, beats and various different aspects.