Art and Craft Room

Art and Craft room Springdales senior secondary school is committed towards complete learning through the utilization of all capabilities that are intrinsic in every human being. The Art and Craft program at Springdales senior secondary school provides a connected, integrated approach through a variety of performing and visual mediums. There are, within the program, two parallel and equally comprehensive divisions: the visual art and craft and the performing. We offer a wealth of opportunities for students to experiment, explore and cultivate their creative vision in a variety of media. The art and craft program offers students comprehensive art experiences with detailed explorations in the classics such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design and crafts. The course expands on student knowledge of the elements and principles of design through exploration in a variety of media. The syllabi gives students freedom to use their intrinsic faculties without any barrier. Springdales senior secondary school encourages every student to experiment and observe. We also encourage them to participate in various competitions and seminars so that the learning can be taken into their future life. In addition of gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students learn about the history, analysis and interpretation of art. Students study art works of diverse styles, cultures and historic periods. The education system of Springdales senior secondary school is very pragmatic and practical and aims at complete development of the student. We use every human faculty, giving emphasis to visual learning to allow every student to explore what they observe.