Springdales Senior Secondary possess “Tapobhoomi Eco Club” formed by the school in order to strength the environmental activities in our school.The main intention of the school is to sustain the trees and save them after their plantation. The students also secured the trees with the tree guards so that it will not be destroyed by any means. The students took the ownership to water the plants which the individual students have planted and took the initiative that daily during the school hours in the recess of their games period, they will water their plant till it becomes a big tree. Our students have also developed a Botanical Garden in our school which consists of Mango plant, Neem Plant, Eucalyptus plant, Rubber plant, Aloe Vera plant, and many more with their botanical names. The purpose to do so is to give awareness and exposure to our middle class and senior students in the academic support. The teachers can elaborate the uses of such plants and the students can have live exposure.During this project, we took our school team to the outside areas of Hoshangabad. We have developed an ideal system in our school to put a check on “waste”. On this topic we have did analysis of garbage production system, and after the analysis, we have prohibited few things i.e polythene, thermocole and other plastic products. Student cabinet has been activated to check torn papers, pencil scraps and other waste products in the classrooms and the campus. The students of class of senior classes proposed many items which supported our school of be a clean place such as dustbins for biodegradable and not biodegradable wastes, we also have made manure from biodegradable waste, ban on polythene in the school. It is decided that a particular class will take the responsibility to clean their own premises.



Springdales Senior Secondary School has initiated various activites of Culture and Heritage under our “Heritage Club” formed by the school in order to strengthen the culture and Heritage activities related to environment in our school. The main intention of the school is to generate the knowledge about culture and awareness through visiting various places apart from academic curriculum. Normally it has been found that students study various topics in their classes, but not able to interpret it in their day to day life. Through this project, our purpose is to give awareness and exposure to all our students which will in turn assist them in their academic support.


The three educational impacts which our students learn from this club are:-


  1. Rich Cultural Awareness.
  2. Knowledge gaining through the visiting so many places apart from regular curriculam.
  3. Consistent Knowledge by exhibiting in the Assemblies and learning those information’s as they had to speak in the front of everyone.

We celebrate all the festivals in our school such as Rakhi, Janmashtami, Diwali, Basant Panchami, The national festivals such as Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti, in which we do rich cultural programme in our schools. We have also secured First prize in the Parade ground for performing best cultural activities on Republic day. We train in our students in Kattak dance and Bharatnatyam. We teach music to all the students on regular basis. Our school also possess “Tapobhoomi Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya” which is one of examples of teaching Indian music, dance and culture in our school.





Our students are playing a vital role in the field of social services. As a part of philanthropy club the students involved themselves in the work done for the benefit of the society. We are reaching out globally for the "Love of Humanity" to bring peace and unity to all. Our school motivates students to commit their time and provide caring hearts and help the under priviledged persons under this club. Through small initiatives and resources, this enables for the students to be the ANGELS for the poor people. Spreading our "GOLDEN WINGS" around communities in need and helping our world progress closer towards universal healing. During the regular intervals of different occasion students brought different things of use such as (clothes, footwear, notebooks, books etc) and distributed the things to the needy peoples. Helping the poor people gives satisfaction to the students. The students feel overwhelmed when they help in social services and participate in social work. They realize that they have some role in the society. They feel that the society needs them and they feel worth working with it.  It fills their minds and hearts with satisfaction and make them more generous and kind towards others.