National Cadet Core

The National Cadet Corps (NCC)  in Springdales Senior Secondary School works to inculcates the qualities of discipline and patriotism among children of our school. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades in our school.

 NCC provides basic military training to both the boys and girls which inculcates discipline among them along with the feelings of comradeship, courage and integrity. Our school students are motivated to join NCC which is a part of extra- curricular activity and generates t spirit of patriotism and sense of social sense in the students.

Today, it has become very important for every student to get indulged into the extra curricular activities. Learning N.C.C. not only improves the overall development of our students but puts them on the priority list while being selected for a job in future. Our candidates are trained in drill, physical fitness, first aid, map reading, camp training etc. This candidates can avail the benefits of government in future with NCC certificate and get relaxation in marks.

N.C.C helps the students to experience the  the world they’re supposed to live in after completing their education. Hence, it imparts practical knowledge of the outside world to the students through the means of various competitions, making a student confident, practical and self-sufficient. NCC is one such activity which school students can pursue to add to their learnings and aptitude.