Tapobhoomi Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya

Music has always been playing a vital role in our school. Its main purpose is to transmit our cultural heritage and help the students to develop and become mature. We try to find out the potentiality of the children in music which exist in every human being. We try to enhance self esteem, respect for others in a studies through music. To enrich the musical quality one music period has been allotted to every class, so that the students who show keen interest and aptitude in music should avail the opportunity to show their talent during the musical performances and competitions.

We possess our own “Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya” we provide structured curriculum and proper evaluation to the students like a the subject which assist the students to work towards definite goal. Music exams help in building all round musicianship and create a foundation for students to take Music as career. We motivate the students and help them to develop their talent by giving them opportunities to perform in different musical competitions.

Our institute gives importance to vocal music that enhances the human voice. It improves self esteem and help children to be more calm and focused..the choir of the singers had been made by the music trainers of to groom the teamwork and showcase the hidden talent of the students.